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Official Common Sense Party Forum (No topics)

The Official Common Sense Forum is being started so that people can freely sign up and start a conversation into making a change to our political and governmental structure in a fundamental way that is more in tune with the 21st Century. New problems, new opportunities, and also the old foundations have proven to be broken since it was written by the Elite of that time of the Founding Fathers who then immediately broke those foundation rules.
For Discussions about Constitutional Structure of the Federal, State, Local governments and citizens rights and duties
21st Century Declaration of In ...
by Bob
11 months 3 weeks ago

Executive (No topics)

All posts dealing with the Executive Branch of Federal Government
by Bob
1 year 17 minutes ago

Media (No topics)

All posts dealing with the Meanstream Media reporting relating to ANY branch of government.
by Bob
1 year 14 minutes ago

Legislative (No topics)

All posts dealing with the Legislative Branch of Federal Government
by Bob
1 year 16 minutes ago

Judicial (No topics)

All posts dealing with the Judicial Branch of Federal Government
by Bob
1 year 13 minutes ago
All posts dealing with the Military & Intelligence Agencies Branches of Federal Government
Military & Intelligence Comple ...
by Bob
1 year 12 minutes ago

General (No topics)

Anything Else you wish to discuss.
Thoughts on Facebook’s 9 plans ...
by Williamhawk
2 months 3 weeks ago

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