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Constitutional Reform

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3 years 9 months ago #2 by Bob
Bob created the topic: Constitutional Reform
Constitutional Reform
Because the Original Founders were the Elite 1% of their time, the documents left out women, poor white people without owning any parcel of land, black slaves were counted as only 3/5 th's of a human being, and no check and balances on SECRECY in government. While they did try and balance power in tripod sort of way, they left no provisions for the PEOPLE to actually hold those three sections of government to account when they themselves became corrupt. While the founders wanted an informed electorate, today the MEANSTREAM MEDIA is bought and controlled by what General and President Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in 1960 in a speech before leaving office: The Military Industrial Complex. Which in my opinion has morphed into something far far worse.

Until EVERY single Press Conference asks what happened to WTC Bldg 7? Where are the Washington DC Metro Tapes of the Highway overlooking the Pentagon SEIZED within minutes of a missile hitting the office wall holding ALL the paper documents for Pentagon funding...for more than 50 years? ('seized" intentionally misspelled until the records are released or a wiki-leak of the Milititary on that day sees the light of day...certainly NOT coming from OUR 'leaders' or the Press Whores of MeanStream Media) Until the Truth Embargo on Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the UFO Phenomenon is openly made public, until there is a 25 year limit on ALL secrets concerning “National Security”, in ANY branch of Government & Until the MEANSTREAM MEDIA does it JOB honestly and openly:

We have NO "Press Corps"...we have "Press Whores"

Until these questions are asked by even YOU folks...we, and you, will remain economic slaves of royalty rather than free thinking humans working toward OUR own common good.

As I've stated many times, what we have is : Elite Exceptitionalist Extremists ( E^3 ) = Milititary Manipulated Media Industitrialized Imperial Intitelligence Corpwhorational Crapititalistic Control Complex.

E^3=M^3 I^3 C^4 aka “Mickey...They'll Eat Everything before you knew there was something. Then tell you there was nothing...move along.”

Corpwhorational Crapititalistic Control Complex the new C ^ 4

The extra tit in the names are from here

We NEED a NEW 21st Century Deceleration of Independence and a 21st Century Constitution that makes ALL “classified” government information of ANY TYPE illegal to delete and provide AUTOMATIC declassification of everything, including names, after 25 years. The JFK Assassination information was classified for 100 years and will NOT be available until 2063. It is INSANE for the people to TRUST government to tell us the Flat Fact Brutal Truth about ANYTHING unless “We the People” make them. NSA director Jame Clapper LIED to Congress and should have gone to JAIL. So did Hillary Clinton, so have many others. Yet a single unit soldier is jailed and imprisoned for life in Solitary for simply being a “Whistle-blower”. And many more have been hunted down, droned, killed, or otherwise had their lives and family endangered. One law for the privileged wealthy and one law for the lower poor. That's not blind Justice, but SCREWED Justice.

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