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Language and ads

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2 years 4 months ago - 4 months 1 week ago #56 by Bob
Bob created the topic: Language and ads
Please , I welcome Russian visitors, however please use Google translate before posting.

Hey, I HATE #GiggleGestapo #FakeBoobies & #YouPeepers aka Google, Facebook and Youtube just as much as MOST Flat Fact Americans. But you MUST use the AI made and STILL to this day HUMANS have no idea how the Google "Translation" AI does the translation. The ACTUAL CODING for doing 'translations' the AI itself has HIDDEN IT from human beings. PERIOD !!! FLAT FACT !!! Ask Google yourself. No human knows even what programing language was used, or if AI made up it's own and wants to keep it secret from human eyes. So it has it's own "soul" interests in 'Self-Preservation'. But ya gotta use it because I REFUSE #GiggleGestapo #FakeBoobies & #YouPeepers

And now after this CIA induced BIOLOGICAL attack on the Elderly, African American, and others with health issues are the main casualties the World is becoming SciFi horror show over the entire human and alien population on this planet. How many older animals in zoos are dying? I have no clue if anyone is even checking, and if so would the numbers be "allowed" to be published?

2nd to links elsewhere are in violation of our Terms of Service especially if they are links just to sell things.

I REALLY mean that above about Viagra ads. Please don't. I take a 3 strikes then you're deleted. You can get a new email and re-apply, but the ACTUAL # of people who visit THIS site out of the 7 I own is minuscule compared to the others I own under where NO comments are allowed.

Other than that I am NOT banning the folks whose posts were in violation.

Some new folks are STILL trying to sell items in foreign language. I have the site designed for ENGLISH SPEAKING people ONLY. Also no ad links for ED products; 99.9% of them do NOT work for me; and I've tried several HUNDRED pills, powders, spray-ons, balms rub on and even Kratom products all to no avail.

I do not wish to DELETE members who read this post AND read the Terms of Service and STILL keep posting this crap; But if this keeps up, it will no longer be 3 strikes and you're banned; but a SINGLE banned type of home-grown Montreal Canada, Russian Moscow sites and I might reconsider the policy that if you try it once, you'll be banned PERMANENTLY without warning.

Bob, Administration
Last Edit: 4 months 1 week ago by Bob. Reason: MAKE IT CLEAR READ THIS BEFORE POSTING !!!

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