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Thank You for your Anonymous (to me), Non-Refundable & Non-Tax Deductible donation to the Common Sense Party sites through PayPal.

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3 years 9 months ago #5 by Bob
Bob created the topic: MEANSTREAM Media
This board is for all discussions about how the “media” handles it's 1st Amendment responsibilities to be an HONEST arbiter of Flat Facts and Brutal Truths to the public at large. Especially since they are using their current activities to do the bidding of Government rather than be a 4th CHECK & BALANCE against the government, it's policies, and the REAL news without any BIAS. Only FOX NEWS after 911 conducted and published an investigation into Israeli Intelligence spying in the USA and it's connections to the 911 attacks. ALL the other media outlets BURIED any and ALL discussions that did not follow the government's Freely Falsifiable Fairy Fable of what happened that day. While the government is corrupt and the media supports that corruption; then the media is a TRAITOUS and MEANSTREAM operation AGAINST the people. As such, there should be rules that are put forward that they MUST follow or risk loosing their broadcast licenses, advertisers would be warned that continuation of supporting those outlets could result in tax penalties for supporting false or biased news. Stories about “news” should ONLY be about the Flat Facts Brutal Truths of Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How a certain 'event' happened. If news organizations want to espouse “OPINIONS” there is precedent for that in the Editorial Pages of News Papers, and “Opinion Shows” like the “O'Reilly Factor” who makes no doubt that the show is an OPINION show rather than anything other than a simple “news” broadcast. ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, MSNBC & PBS, have a “progressive” leftist point of view in all their 'news' stories and shows. MSNBC is likely the MOST abusive network, imho, that goes out of it's way to put show host's OWN political agendas before getting the Flat Facts and Brutal Truths out to the people watching their shows, without any Flat Facts backing up those opinions. Until they are MORE inclusive with more diversity of news stories based on the basics of TRUE Common Sense Journalism answering those basic questions of ACTUALLY finding out the Flat Facts Brutal Truths of Who, What, When, Where, Why and How; they remain an active and MEANSTREAM threat to Democracy in the United States. The MEANSTREAM Newspapers have been bought up into fewer and fewer owners that stories that SHOULD get published as Front Page News either isn't covered at all, relegated to back pages, and also outright miss-states Flat Facts as “truths” without ANY coordinating evidence. Which is why newspaper readership is declining and on-line news sources are becoming and increasing source of news because people have seen the bias. Efforts like Facebook and Google to cut Internet News sites BLOCKED is an affront on the 1st Amendment and is TREASONOUS !!! If they go forward and block news sites, they have become a DICTATORSHIP no worse than North Korea; and the Executives, ALL Board of Directors, should be prosecuted for TREASON if this practice goes forward.

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