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Military & Intelligence Complex

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3 years 9 months ago - 3 months 3 weeks ago #7 by Bob
Bob created the topic: Military & Intelligence Complex
Military & Intelligence Complex
As I've stated many times, what we have is : Elite Exceptitionalist Extremists ( E^3 ) = Milititary Manipulated Media Industitrialized Imperial Intitelligence Corpwhorational Crapititalistic Control Complex.

E^3=M^3 I^3 C^4 aka “Mickey...They'll Eat Everything before you knew there was something. Then tell you there was nothing...move along.”

Corpwhorational Crapititalistic Control Complex the new C ^ 4

The extra tit in the names are from here

This Board is for discussion on how the Military and Intelligence agencies act in Constitutional and Unconstitutional ways. America was created by Free Masonic Elite who fled England and began the Genocide of the Native American Peoples that had lived within the boundaries of the current United States of America for ten of thousands of years. These elite also carried over the practice of slavery of the poor whites in England and other countries, and also began the African Slave trade. But the FIRST slaves in the colonies where the white poor people, including children, on England itself, and were sold like cattle, pigs, goats, beans, whiskey or any other commodity. The elite 1% have NEVER stopped wanting MORE and MORE land acquisitions, no matter how many other lesser classes of human beings suffered, died, maimed, or simply were genocided out of of existence. We see this continuing even today with the Coup In Kiev Ukraine where Victoria Nuland and other Zionist Neo-Cons that LIVE for War and Conflict, no matter the consequences to other people, or the danger they are doing in starting another World War, the FINAL Nuclear War that will wipe the planet bare like Mars. The Intelligence apparatus has become the Surveillance State where EVERY SINGLE email, text, phone call, and your own private life inside your home where they can TURN on your webcam, even when the power is off. Everywhere we go we are tracked and monitored by billions of cameras, sensors of all types, in every corner of the globe. There are now Drones patrolling American Skies, besides those patrolling Battlefields all over the globe in Wars the CIA, DIA, or other USA Government actors started, Like Victoria Nuland's Ukraine Coup, and other “Regime Change” policies. This is the Board to discuss these type of topics.

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